Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When it comes to "the guy"

"Surely, my feeling rite now is not 'clapped one handed', but 'haven't clapped yet'..."


This is about my friend, liking someone, and just now we heard that that someone is liking 'my friend' back.

Well, it's nice to know it, lucky you :)


First of all,

I ever, kind of, like this person too.

It was started when we were attending the same class for the next four years.
He has an 'unusual' name, although there are many unique names in our class.
I started to know my classmates individually.

He's smart.
Although there are many smart guys in our class.

Well, guess my feeling is just an admiration.

Then, my 'another friend' tell me that she was ever admire him.

Guess we have a same type about this guy :D

Then, one day in faculty's canteen.

We decided to had lunch together.
Me, my friend, and my another friend.

My friend told us the she dreamed of someone in our class.
She told us that they walked together, and she was happy.

Me, and my another friend were trying to guess who's the guy.
We mentioned all the boys in our class, but she didn't admit one of them.
Until we talked about 'this guy'.
Then she came out the words...
"Well, he is ..."

It's him.

We laughed, she turned her head shyly.

And this afternoon, we heard and unexpected news.

My friend were going out of class with her friend when me and my another friend were talking about next lecture.
Then ten minutes later she came to me.

A : "Hey, I wanna tell you something."
B : "What?"
A : "My friend told me this. It's about when he told you that this guy was flirting me. She said that this guy's friend told him that this guy like me. You know what? It's because I am shy girl. Am I like that?"
B : *keep the laugh* *smiling then poke my another friend, tell her what's going on*
C : *at the same state as 'B'* "Go tell her." *point at our friend*

Well, we happy for you :)

Just now I sent her text,

"Treat us! Guess your love won't 'clapped one handed' then :D."

She replied.

"Well, it's not 'clapped one handed'. But 'the clapped have not sounded yet. :P "

When we are fall in love with someone, everything around us will be filled with flowers when it comes to 'the guy'.
Just like me when I fall for you.
Those 'beautiful words' come out, became 'unnamed love-letter'.
Those status in those social networks, unpredictably going towards you.

When it comes to "the guy", everything become flowery.

*dedicated to my friend(イマ), my another friend(ノヴィタ), our friend(リナ), and you (ワヒユ ヅウィ グナワン ^^)


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