Thursday, March 24, 2011


According to the title above, these thoughts happened when I woke up in the middle of the night, between the - living - me and the-death-me.

Mind checking this out?

I heard a story, of a child, lingering for attention and careness.
Living among sorrow and sad fate that person must face.

I listen to the story, of that person, and my heart beating fast.
I don't know how to react nor giving solving words.

I thinking about everything, right here and right now.
Comparing the stories of mine.

I turn on the music player, choose the song I wanna hear.
"Because I'm Weary."
Because I'm tired about certain things.

I plugged on my pink-starry headphone, fit it to my ear.
Love song played.
Directly think about lovely things, every lovely things.

And my words come out.
And become a song, song of my mixed midnight's feelings.
That's my midnight sonata.

"Thank you, I never been like this before."
"I've never wanted anyone to know my stories, yet you know it."
"Sorry, but I have some secrets that I don't wanna share."
"It's not big, though. I'm sure you'll think that's an usual problem."

"I wanna be a rhythm, that will complete the blues."
"I wanna be a melody, that will come out from musical score beautifully."
"I wanna be a musical tone, that will turn out to a great resonance concerto."
"I wanna be, but I can't be. And I wish to be."



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