Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear, the Loveable One (Part 2)

6 th.

You have already let me know your life, even it is a little.
I have let you know my life, as far as I go until I get here.
Can you, keep it as a secret, for me?
Although we’ll separated because of some circumstances, someday?


I’ve told you, although I smile with my friends, insides, I was crying
I’ve told you, although I looks like that I’m ok, I am not ok.
Can you, cheer me up, even just a little?
I need someone who can cheer me up, right now, right here in the heart.


I haven’t told anyone, except my best friend, and you.
I haven’t told anyone, because I don’t feel like I need to.
I can stand still, and I’ll proof it.
I can stand up even I’ll fall again sometimes.


They told me to keep smiling, and I am smiling right now.
They told me to go on with my life, and I am going on with it, until now.
My heart told me that I envy them, but I didn’t.
My heart told me that I’ll lose them, but I’ll keep believes on my own.


This is the story beyond my life.
I believe we have a different story.
And this is my own.
How about you?

#DearTheLoveableOne - End :)


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